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Corporate and Vision

Love, Nature, Health & Happiness

Maifan Medical Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. Maifan is a product name of the Korean medical devices incorporating eastern health science and technology from the west in order to create medical devices from natural materials. This is because more and more types of the disease is growing, while the discovery of the cause of delay or prevention of disease.
Division R & D Maifan Medical Co., Ltd. using germanium stone and technology has managed to create medical devices with faster healing than other tools in the healthcare industry. Various diseases have been shown to heal Maifan therapy is cancer, hypertension, cholesterol, gout, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, migraines, anemia, prostate, osteoporosis, and others. Maifan now more widespread and well known in the community for his recovery news.

  • Mision

  • Maifan Medical Co., Ltd. will satisfy customers and contribute to society by creating the core values of a new one.

  • Vision

  • Maifan Medical Co., Ltd has continued to practice environmental management under the philosophy that 'what is beneficial to nature is also beneficial to humans. Place the basic direction of environmental management on achieving sustainable management trusted by our customers, Maifan Medical Co., Ltd. has been active in various environmental conservation activities ranging from the development of environmentally friendly products using natural ingredients and recycled to prevent pollution and conserve energy and resources , Maifan Medical Co., Ltd. will continue to exert greater efforts for the sustainable future we based the development of harmony between the environment and humans.